Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Age & Tech

So I'll admit that I can be a bit biased when it comes to age & technology, I quickly search for a new line when at Food Lion (grocery store in Virginia) an older person was ahead of me in the self checkout lines (the only option at some stores). Frankly normally I think that older people don't take well to technology. So I'll admit it I was a bit surprised today when sitting today at a coffee shop, when an older gentleman started texting on a TMobile sidekick. Later I look over and he is now using a pocketpc and listening to an MP3 player, shows what I know, as thats the last thing I expected. Then to top my day off, I had a dell repairman show up to fix my cddrive in my home computer, and the guy is 69 (he told me), so I'll need to throw out all my stereotypes and start again.


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