Wednesday, January 25, 2006

tomorrow's class - UPDATE

Please consider what you would do to make the Patent Office better at winnowing out true inventions, from just obvious inventions or inventions that exist already in the prior art.

In addition to the readings already assigned (earlier post), please take a look at this short USA Today article on the daily work life of the patent examiner. It's a great read. Some of you have already read it for my IP class.

Also, the posts have been great so far! But we need to see more people on the blog. If you have yet to meet the weekly aspiration of 1 post or comment, please do so soon. thanks.

UPDATE: I've looked again at the reading for tomorrow's class. When I read them online, they look smaller than they are in print. In light of this, and my pledge to keep the reading light, I will make some of the readings optional, but recommended. Most are now very short news articles.

Assigned reading
1. Summary of FTC Report "To Promote innovation" (summary) - please focus on "The Software and Internet Industries"
2. bIPlog debate about patent reform (comment) -- optional recommended
3. what's a patent troll? (report)

4. Gregory Kirsch (lawyer) on business method patents (comment)
5. Is it obvious? In re Dembiczak (patent on pumpkin faced garbage bags (case) - optional recommended
6. Should we shut down Blackberry? (summary and report)


Blogger Brian Bulson said...

This seems to be related to Thursday's discussion. It seems Cingular may have patented the :( emoticon. Here are a few links, however, I could not find the actual patent on the site to confirm this. The patent number is listed but it is in an irregular format that I'm unfamiliar with.

10:02 AM  

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