Thursday, January 05, 2006

week 1: the future of copyright, Part I

For our first 2 classes, we will be discussing "The Future of Copyright." For those of you who haven't had copyright, don't worry: I'll post links below for background on copyright law, and that should be enough. In a nutshell, a copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to authors for their works of expression. The exclusive rights are just like the "bundle of rights" you studied in first year property law -- they give the author the power to exclude others from doing certain things, such as copying their works without permission.

In general, for this class, I will try to keep the amount of assigned reading very, very "light." The reason is twofold: (1) I want you to have more time to reflect on the reading and think about your own views, and (2) I want to free up some time for you to start thinking about and researching your own topic. Hopefully, you all will find the time to "blog" here on this blog about things that catch your fancy. For the first month or so, I will select the topics, but then each of you will select a topic of your own interest that you want to write about (more specifics to follow in class).

Week 1: We'll be discussing the copyright lawsuit over Google Book Search. Please read the following short posts:

(1) Wired article, Google Takes on Copyright Law; and (2) Google's description of its Book Search

(1) William Patry, copyright lawyer, comment 1 and comment 2
(2) Jonathan Band, attorney, comment
(3) Seth Finkelstein, programmer, comment
(4) Prof. Siva Vaidyanathan, NYU media professor, comment

Supplemental reading on basics of copyright law
(1) Professor Stacey Dogan's post
(2) Copyright Office post


Blogger DSomogy said...

It seems to me that Google is offering the links to booksellers, etc. as a good-faith offering to the publishing industry to head off the industry's complaints. However, if Google's use is found to be a fair use, they should make additional money by charging royalties to the book industry if they link to sites that sell the books.

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