Thursday, February 16, 2006

Correction re Spam

Limewash made an interesting comment below, in response to the guy doing 5 years--true, he didn't plea guilty to the spam charges, per se, but it was the sending of spam that got him busted for fraud, inter alia.

I looked into this a little further, and found that the Federal Trade Commission is (one of) the agencies charged with going investigating and prosecuting these creeps. If you're fed up spam you can forward the e-mails to

For more info, or to file a formal complaint visit (although the info given on the site indicates that simply forwarding the e-mail starts the complaint process by itself). This website also appears to be a good resource for a number of federal guidelines as they affect consumers and e-commerce.*

*(Don't get your hopes up, though, it's still a gov't agency.)


Blogger DSomogy said...

Spamsters aren't all deadbeats - evidently an Australian gold medal skier also runs a spam business,

10:08 AM  

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