Wednesday, February 08, 2006

dublin, oh, who knew?

I used to think that Dublin, OH was filled with golf courses and a lot of nice homes. While that might be so, I didn't realize how wired Dublin was, apparently with some of the best broadband. Soon, they hope to be providing wi-fi. Someone tell Professor Berman -- he can blog anywhere now! (see here)


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Blogger joemama said...

. . . well, the people who live there oughta get something for all the money they pay in property taxes!

For example: I live just south of one of the Dublin school/corporation limits, and I pay less than a $1000/yr. in property taxes. One of my buddies has a condo about .5 mile from me, just on the other side of that Dublin line. His place is maybe 150 sq. ft. larger, and a little more expensive, but his property taxes are about $3500/yr.--I think I could buy a lot of nationwide broadband access with the $2500 I save every year.

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