Sunday, February 26, 2006

Google Controversy--the book one

This article appeared in yesterday's N.Y. Times. Apparently the district court was not persuaded by Google's argument that its use of thumbnails was fair use.

Although I was particularly impressed by the way the article distinguishes between the district court and the Ninth Circuit, I was unable to discern what the final outcome was (i.e., whether this was a final appealable order, or just some pretrial ruling). This was also troubling throughout the BlackBerry case.

Does anybody else find it oftentimes difficult to follow lay-persons' coverage of court/legal news?


Blogger Brian Bulson said...

I think the case dealing with Perfect 10 can be distinguished from the Google book search. In that case, the images that Google uses can serve as a market replacement for the images that phone carriers would sell to their users. However, I doubt there could be an argument that providing a few lines of text would serve as a market replacement for a whole book. I guess I just disagree that the case is going to be detrimental to Google's case as eluded to in the article, the facts don't seem to match up.

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