Monday, February 06, 2006


I read an interesting article that the Seahawks and Texas A&M are in a dispute over use of the slogan "12th Man" and are heading to Federal Court. I thought it was timely with the Superbowl being yesterday. One unrelated thought on the Superbowl, I think there were many questionable calls that went Pittsburgh's way, perhaps making up for the officiating during the Colts game, I just had to throw that in there.


Blogger joemama said...

f*#k the steelers

7:21 AM  
Blogger Syed Ali said...

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Blogger Edward Lee said...

That might've been the Most Boring and Most Inconsistently Played Superbowl ever. It's ironic that receiver Randle El had the highest QB rating of the night. How many times would Stevens drop a perfectly thrown pass?

I don't like the Patriots (mostly b/c of Belichick messing up the Browns), but at least those guys always seem to play well in the SB.

The officiating was terrible. But that's what you get when you hire part timers. Just think if we hired part time judges to rule on cases.

The Rolling Stones were better than Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake (not difficult to do), but having a 62 year old Mick Jagger flailing his saggy body around almost seemed like a caricature.

8:52 AM  
Blogger ed said...

be it part time field 'judges' who make a pretty decent salary, better then most full timers and still leaving them time to still be a judge or a principal or what not. Considering they are supposed to be the best in the business, they really sucked.

From ESPN.Com in an article awhile back
"Say what you want about the current group of officials, but the NFL, thanks to Jerry Seeman, set up the best feeder system of officials perhaps in all of sports. Many of his former co-workers on the field and from the league office are in place as supervisors in many of the top collegiate conferences. Like them or not, these are the best of the best officials.

They are scouted like players while they do college games. Most, if not all, come into the league with 15 years of officiating experience in high school and college. They are either in their late 30 or early 40s when they enter the NFL."

And about the pathetic game (from SI)...
"Move over Dolphins and Vikings from Super Bowl VIII. Make some room next to your Super Bowl MVP trophy Mark Rypien. Get ready for company Jamal Anderson and the 1998 Falcons. Here comes the Steelers and Seahawks with the latest entry into the pantheon of utterly forgettable Super Bowls."

7:03 PM  

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