Saturday, February 04, 2006

stamps for business email

We didn't get a chance to discuss "net favoritism v. neutrality" on Thursday, but here's an interesting example of net favoritism. AOL and Yahoo will give preferred status to business emails that pay for e-postage. (see here) I think the basic idea is that email with postage will not be screened through filters as spam and will be guaranteed of being delivered directly to your email box.


Blogger ed said...

I've seen others propose a general tax on email to bring a halt to spam (which many obviously oppose). The idea is to have some nominal rate, say 1 cent per 100 emails, 1000 emails, or 10,000. The point being that for most users it would be non exitent and their service provider would cover it (say 10,000 free emails per month included?) However to spam sender who send millions of messages the cost would add up and put some of the burden of the problem on the people who are causing it. Of course how it would effect listservs and other things like that is part of the problem. Not to mention the idea of adding costs to anything on the net ruffles some feathers..

1:25 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

A general tax on email? Is this proposal for all users - including non-business related use? If the main purpose is to halt spam - it seems really unfair that consumers who are victims of spam - rather than the cause of it - should have to pay a portion of this cost. At the same time - it does not seem rigtt for yahoo to make money by allowing spammers past their security. Aren't they also making money by promoting these anti-spam features to their customers? It seems that there is a conflict here?

12:18 PM  
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