Thursday, February 02, 2006

Update in Blackberry Case

There are some interesting developments in the Blackberry case (articles here and here). The PTO has now issued rejections to all of NTP's patent claims at issue, although NTP still has an opportunity to respond to these preliminary rejections. Also, the federal government has indicated its concern that an injunction shutting down RIM's network would make it impossible for government employees to continue using the devices (the government is exempt from any injunction that might be issued in the case). Thus, a complete shutdown at the end of this month is unlikely unless there is some way that RIM can continue providing the service only to government employees.


Blogger limewash said...

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10:51 AM  
Blogger limewash said...

The government being exempt to patent law protection (basically) is kind of jacked up (to put it in eloquent terms). There are other, non-infringing portable devices that can be used for chatting and online-dating... I mean, security purposes. The issue of whether RIM is actually guilty of infringing aside, should the case fail just because the government has some vested interest in the deal? That feels wrong, according to my naive, yet cynical (aka "realistic"), viewpoints.

10:52 AM  
Blogger ed said...

The gov't gets away with a lot of stuff having the luxury of writing the laws (punative contract damages?) anyway, even if there are other technolgies out there, the rollout time for these folks would be pretty slow knowing how we operate, and given the fact that possibly one or two of 'our' gov't folks are doing something important with them I don't see it as too crazy to keep the network up until something else can be figured out, of course I don't think they are saying this should effect the outcome of the case (if it does then that is crazy)

12:11 PM  
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