Wednesday, February 01, 2006

week 4: the future of the Internet

Note: I've moved this to the top. Also, the Wired article (c) was not accessible, so I changed it.
Also, Professor Swire has a view that the NSA surveillance is illegal (here).

Issue 1: Government Surveillance, Monitoring, and Searches

a. NYT Article on gov't subpoena of Google (here)
b. Prof. Kerr on President Bush's warrantless NSA surveillance (here)
[ recommended optional: Kerr on the technology involved - here]
c. Google and government monitoring/filtering in China (here)

Issue 2: Net Favoritism v. Neutrality and Universal Access

a. Washington Post article on favoritism or preferred users (here)
b. Municipal "free" wi-fi. Craig Settles argues for (here)
Mercury News article on feasibility (here)
[recommended optional: Progress and Freedom Foundation, against (here)]


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Here is an article representing the "most unwired cities"

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