Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You Can Eat a Lot of Spam in 5 Years

Sombody was asking about what should be done with the idiots behind the "cheap viagra," "penis enlargement," and other miscellaneous porn solicitations that seem to multiply every week. I'm not sure which ads this guy was pushing, but it got him five years in federal prison. I heard once that they serve Spam in prison--if that's still the case, then my hat's off to the government, because they finally made the punishment fit the crime . . . (here)


Blogger limewash said...

That's a cool story... unfortunately, Mr. Lin was imprisoned for fraud and possession of a firearm. I don't think they are locking him away for five years for just spamming; in this case, he was trying to cheat people out of their bank account information, etc. Last summer, I actually worked with an attorney who had defended someone who allegedly did something similar (internet fraud involving ebay users, spam, and bank accounts/paypal)... he also got sent to prison for a few years.

On a completely random side note, his girlfriend dumped him, too.

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