Monday, March 06, 2006

The Final Countdown

As we enter the last half of the semester, I wanted to remind you all to review your notes from the "How to Write a Good Paper" lecture. The secret to getting an "A" starts with exhaustive research of your topic. Also, for the presenters who have yet to go, please re-read the syllabus for the requirements: outline to me on Monday in the week before your talk, meeting with me shortly thereafter, and then post on the blog by Friday. I would encourage you all to come see me to brainstorm more, if you have questions about your ideas along the way.

Final presenters

This week: Eric, David, Angela
Week 10: Heon, Derek, John
Spring break
Week 11: Jeong Ho, Joe B, Scott.
Week 12: Brian, Ed O, Kirk
Week 13: Milton, Christine


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