Tuesday, March 14, 2006

work with Phil Collins?

Starting Wednesday, British artist Phil Collins will be in Columbus for four months to begin a new project about the often adverse effects of reality television and talk shows on its participants. People who have had experiences on such programs and who would be willing to participate in the project should contact Jennifer Lange at blocked::mailto:jlange@wexarts.org or (614) 292-7617. In The Box, you can see Collins' "el mundo no escuchar√° (the world won't listen)," an exhilarating karaoke video "album" of Colombian fans singing along to tracks by 1980s' rock band The Smiths. The video runs 55 minutes and screens continuously throughout the day.


Blogger DSomogy said...

Perhaps this study would include a vignette on Richard Hatch, the federal tax evader and star of the website http://www.richhatch.com... Ah, how reality TV can change one's life trajectory.

8:37 AM  

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